Monday, December 29, 2008

The mighty fall !!

The Aussies are going down !!!!!! The Champions are being decoded !!!!! Too bad it is not us !!!!!

The Aussies who dominated world cricket for over a decade are now finally being defeated in their own country as South Africa need 150 odd runs on the last day of the Boxing Day match !!! They have not lost a series on their home soil since 1992-93.

A Captain who is nick named Punter, however punts end there. He is never willing to take risks and only tooo happy to push the fielders to the boundary. He is one of the most defensive captain I have seen captaining Australia. As long as he had Warne and Mcgrath it was all too easy. Apart from being great bowlers with fantastic abilities, the two had an aura about them. The fear in the oppositions heart that they cannot prevail.

Warne and Mcgrath went, the aura went now teams feel they can compete with Australia, not just compete they believe they are beatable. India has always challenged the Aussies in the last 7-8 years. This year started for the Aussies with the Sydney fiasco, where if Symonds was given out at 60 for 5 the entire series would have changed but Steve Bucknor didnt feel so and Symonds scored 166. They won that Test match and the whole world knows the result was not fair. Even Gilchrist recently admitted " symmo should have walked "

After that match India beat them convincingly at their very own most favourite venue Perth at the so called worlds fastest pitch and chin music and stuff was put to rest as a resurgent India with a young Ishant actually indulged into some thigh music with Punter. Adelaide was too flat to yield a result. The ODI series went to India as Dhoni's men stamped their mark on world cricket.

Later in the year they came to India, in Bangalore Punter scored a century conquering his demons and they had a great chance to beat India, however the lack of imagination and defensive captaincy saw Zaheer and Bhajji saving India at a few points for these two there were 4 men on the boundary in the first innings. This is where the psychological victory was made. Zaheer mocked "They can't get 20 wickets and they know it !! They couldn't get me and Bhajji out, what else should I say?"

The rest as they say is history. India blanked them 2-0. New Zealand was beaten easily by the Champs but then came the Proteas with arguably the best pace attack in the world. However Aussies found themselves defending 414 runs in the last innings. Captain magnificient succesfully allowed the opposition to chase them with only 5 wickets !!!!!

Agree he has no Warne no Mcgrath !!! My dear Punter was defending 400 runs not 200 rite?? in the fouth innings rite ???

No no he is a good batsman, most wonderful against pace bowling. However as captain he is the most defensive Australian captain ever !!!!! May he keep leading them !!!! Now world cricket is facing an interesting era where the next number one Test team will be decided. Australia is definitely off their perch.

Who will it be next ???? Proteas or Us ???

The bad news for us is we go to Africa in 2010 and Australia in 2011. Thanks to the great scheduling by ICC Future tours !!!

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