Monday, December 15, 2008

Mindset !!

BASHING !! Veeru Style !

Mindset is all that matters, reading the commentary on cricinfo, I cannot quite believe what I read. For so many times I have seen India folding for 150 odd in the 4th innings and cave in without a fight, particularly horrible was once the chase of 120 under Sachin's captaincy in the Carribean when we folded for 80 odd...

We just didnt know how to win. Now take this match for instance... India are set 387 for victory... for all who actually understand cricket will know that 4th innings chase of 200 are also very difficult... 387 is a mountain to climb... Bah... You go and tell that to Veeru. He comes out belts the hell out of the leather, in 5 overs Harmisson is showing the ball to the umpire," Its outta shape !!!"

In the 6th over Panesar comes in to bowl, ahead of their best bowler Flintoff... Surely Pietersen lost his marbles didn't he ??

Test Cricket as Ian Chappell explains is about showing intent, its about poking your opponent in his chest long enough... If intent was ever shown it was shown by Veeru on sunday evening.

My brother called me exclaiming from Bharuch, are they supposed to be attacking with 387 on the board or us ???? By joe this is how fear is planted in the minds of the opposition.... Way to go, and yes I still have to say this... Whatever MSD touches will turn to gold... (remember Dhoni Era) The match is not won yet some 50 odd runs to get... but India has shown the intent... The champion teams wriggle out of difficult situations more times than others... This test match goes on to re affirm my belief this is the Golden Era of Indian cricket about to commence...

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