Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ausstralia tour diary day 1 - 23rd Sep

23th Sep 2008

The first day into the Aussie visit. But first lets salute the young brigade of India on the anniversary of its historic T20 world cup win. This day last year in Johannesburg history was scripted, we lifted the first ever T20 world cup. Dhoni and his men were rank outsiders with all the seniors kept out, but the young Indians just showed why this nation is going up. Fearless young men, with lots of passion in their hearts played with their hearts on the sleeve and chose to dare, fight and not go down. The moments are always live in the mind. Today will never be forgotten in Indian Cricket history.

Coming back to the Aussies, they sent out Brett Lee to the press conference yesterday, arguably the most friendly Aussie Cricketer in the last many years that I can remember. What is clearly evident is that the Aussies are trying to play down the confrontations that happened in Australia. They are trying to underplay that this is some revenge series for India. Obviously our media and public have not forgotten what happened in Sydney. It is played umpteen times on news channels. Ricky Ponting is probably the most unpopular captain to visit India. Brett Lee was a good choice, but Ricky we aren’t letting you off come what may.

If Australia are going to try and play a goodie, than its just not the Aussie Unit we know. Frankly if they want to do that, it may just be playing into our hands. Once you try to stop your natural combative instincts you just cant play and fight. Brett Lee is naturally aggressive without being combative, but the rest of the Aussies cant do that simply put. Imagine Hayden appreciating Harbhajan and acknowledging that he is the biggest threat. Wasn’t he the obnoxious weed a few months ago??? Didn’t Hayden want to get in the ring with Ishant Sharma ??

Too bad Haydos you took up cricket!!

In the meanwhile India named a very strong President XI to take on the Aussies in the practice match. In a way it gives our youngsters and opportunity. Yuvraj leads the team and has a chance to stake his claim for the test team with Ganguly being left out. Even Rohit and Badrinath will be vying for the same spot. Ganguly’s return not being ruled out here.(I am one of his biggest supporter) But hard as it may sound it seems the selectors seem to have ruled him out. However I hope the king of comebacks will come back and have a farewell that he deserves.

However this strong team actually gives the Aussies the much needed practice before the first test, and a strong team means they will be more prepared. It would be great if it just rains in Jaipur and they have no practice. However the chances are bleak, that is why they have chosen Jaipur so that rain doesn’t hamper their preparations. Listen BCCI that’s how you plan for a tour. Its only only team Australia who has to win. The whole board is supporting them and trying to give them as good a chance they can give for a victory.

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