Thursday, September 25, 2008

Australia Tour Diary day 2 - 24th Sept

24th Sep 2008

Largely an uneventful day, its difficult to write a tour diary depending solely on the news papers and news channels, but what the heck… I just want to write…

Today the media was addressed by Micheal Hussey, again a non controversial member. So largely no difficult questions from the media.

Strangely enough for a change the Indian media and the BCCI are both miffed at the over graciousness shown by the Rajasthan Cricket Association by preparing tracks that the Aussies required for their practice. In fact they prepared 10 different pitches as per the request of Greg Chappell. Mr. Ratnakar Shetty of Bcci did comment that the RCA is being over gracious. I couldn’t believe my ears that the BCCI said that… However the RCA fellow probably doesn’t understand cricket at all, was saying if we are fair players why don’t we give the Australians a fair chance.

Even the big boss of Indian cricket, though he isn’t the president today said what is wrong in this?? He is sure if India asked for such favours from Australia they would get them. Please Mr. Lalit Modi kindly consult the Indian teams players who toured Australia in the last 50 years.

As Madan Lal said, “ we would hardly get two tracks, and net bowlers were always very very difficult to find. The batsman all had to bowl to give us practice always”

Mr. Lalit if you think Mr. Madan Lal is no one than kindly ask Mr. Sachin, or Mr Anil or Mr Kapil or Mr Sunil Gavaskar??? Before taking such steps always always consult former India players what did they get when they toured the other countries.

Next time take Mr. Modi as the team manager to Australia and he will learn.

Whats a fair chance?? Isn’t letting them practice for 15 days on our pitches enough to give them a fair chance?? Isn’t giving them a practice match against a very tough eleven before the first test match a fair chance?? What the fellow needs to understand is that when we go to Australia our players don’t get good net bowlers. They don’t get proper pitches for nets, they are given the cold shoulder by the hosts and hound by the media there. Trying their best to break up the opposition.

If we cannot do that fine, we are not like that. But don’t just open up your arms and just ask them to come and take what ever they want. That’s why I always feel that the tour programmes, schedules should be prepared under the advise of a former cricketer who has played at least 25 test matches. Only they players can understand and know what they get when they tour.

Notwithstanding we still will be very tough to beat. Also the Aussies played enough in the IPL and they have a fair idea of the pitches in India.

In the Irani cup today Delhi ruled the roost. Apart from a good opening partnership, not very good batting by the ROI. The batting needs to look up now. Dravid and Laxman really need to relax and let the strokes flow. I just get a feeling they are too tense. Remember when Dravid was in his purple patch he was playing a lot more fluently and his strike rate was much better… It helps him most than any one else that he scores quickly. Tomorrow the Delhi boys will bat, and the most confident duo of th Sri Lanka test series will be keenly watched, Gambhir and Sehwag. Wish Sachin also would have played the match, it would have been a good preparation rather than going straight to a Test Match. Wish Ganguly was there instead of Kaif. Wish Wish Wish….

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