Thursday, September 25, 2008

Australia Tour Diary day 3 - 25th Sep

25th Sep 2008

Another pretty uneventful day, Aussies busy with their acclimitazation. The only interesting thing was Zaheer citing that Ponting’s bad batting record in India will affect him. The psychological games are just starting… this is just first of many I guess.

The aussies seem to be very low with ammo on the psychological war, so one of the Aussie cricket guardian steps in, Greg Chappell. He surely loves whatever limelight he gets. I truly am a fan of Ian Chappell, even Greg I did admire as a cricketer and this thoughts about the game. But this guy is turning out to be a pain in the neck. Now he has come out with a statement that Yuvraj’s success was while he was the coach and look where Yuvraj is now???

Our media is highlighting it, don’t fall for it guys, this is just to take focus away. Some one tell me was Greg the coach when Yuvi made his debut against Austalia with a scintillating innings, or when we won the Natwest, or when Yuvi scored in the one dayers in 2002/03 in Australia, even in the T-20 cup was Greg the coach??

Some one please explain him that it isn’t very gracious to sing ones own praises. Talk some sense into this man. Let him give away all the secrets to the aussies, as if the aussies don’t know?? The media needs to be sensible and not give this too much of importance. Greg is only changing the focus from the inexperience Aussie side, the weaknesses of their team, Pontings very bad record to his association with the Australian Team, that’s what he is here precisely for. The Australian’s will project him as the hate figure and the players try and garner the popularity votes with the crowds and the media and try and win quietly. Read this and don’t let it happen. Thankfully the reins of Indian cricket are in sensible hands such as Anil and Dhoni and they both are very balanced focused individuals who will not get too emotional and too carried away and keep their priorities in place. Well, greg good try again !!

In the Irani Cup Delhi caved in, once Sehwag & Chopra were gone not much resistance from the rest. Not that the ROI bowling was super extra ordinary. Munaf picked up 4 wickets. Chopra I must mention has been getting runs a plenty and I must say that he is one of the most unlucky players. He had a very successful tour of Australia in 2002/03 however he isn’t the most enterprising of batsman and hence has been missing out. Now with Gambhir in the scheme of things I doubt if Gambhir will allow him to come into the national team. However in me Chopra has a fan, he is exactly what an opener should be, he is solid and gives a good start. Alas in this 20-20 world people don’t really give the old fashioned players enough space. But Akash Chopra will always be remembered for the 2002/03 opening stands with Sehwag when India didn’t lose the series in Australia.

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