Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Aussie Tour Diary 15th Oct

Finally some sense into the Indian media. It took the skipper to lash out at the media. In his article in Hindustan Times he has categorically bashed the media for their uncharitable behaviour. Surprisingly the media is just a little quiet now, and have left out the extra focus on retirement of the champions and the stupid debate of MSD taking over Anil’s mantle. Probably Anil will not play the next match as he got injured during the course of the match. I repeat, during the course of the match. I would reiterate the fact that these champions will do whatever needed for the team. They will not let the team down. If they feel that they are not fully fit they will themselves back off. Leave them alone and let them relax and enjoy while they churn out match winning performance I don’t have to say anything more as Anil just has said whatever he had to.

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