Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Aussie Tour Diary Oct 14th

The cricket is over but the talk is just starting. Ricky Ponting starting the mudslinging that Indians play a lot of drawn test matches. Whoa !!

Just for the record India batted at 3.26 runs per over in the first innings and Australia at something around 2.65 runs per over. For Harbhajan Singh & Zaheer Khan at times there were 4 boundary riders. Pretty attacking cricket that.

He got a fitting reply from Zaheer, he went on to taunt them that they couldn’t get me and Bhajji out, what more do I say. He even went on to proclaim that the Aussies know they can’t get 20 wickets and the pressure is well and truly on them. He also added that on the 5th day track their spinners were ineffective and even their pacers on such an up and down track.

Things just hotting up.

I sincerely request all our media persons and unlimited news channels to please leave the 5 seniors alone. The amount of contributions they have made to Indian cricket is immeasurable and they will still contribute and they have it in them to still perform. Also have some sort of trust that if they feel they are not upto it they will themselves accept it. A man who even came out to bowl with a broken jaw, a man that has taken 600 wickets, a man that has won more test matches for India than any other bowler or batsmen in India has a bad match and the swords are out.

Ian Chappell a very respected former player and a person with strong views on captaincy comes out and terms Anil as a defensive captain. As much as I respect him and his views, I must really state his version is totally wrong. At the end of the day he is a proud Australian and he can see that this is India’s biggest chance to put it across the Aussies. He contributes to the team cause by taking this biased view and sparks off a controversy in the media that Anil was defensive and Ricky wasn’t. That in two hours MSD looked a far better captain.

The media has bought this story and started going gaga over the whole issue and have already started speculating MSD’s debut as captain. MSD is the captain in waiting and the more he plays as Vice Captain the better for himself before he gets the captaincy eventually. Don’t forget he is just 20 test old.

He will probably be a very successful captain. But the point is Ian is cleverly diverting the attention from Ricky’s defensive tactics and putting pressure on the Indian captain. The Indian media instead of backing their own man after one bad test match want the removal of Anil Kumble. Also remember the test match was drawn not lost.

This is totally aghast !!!! This is what will happen if people who have not played cricket start talking about cricket the whole day. Too much coverage, and they want controversies as only that will sell. The Indian media needs to take a leaf out of the Aussie media who find some reason or the other to target the opposing team and support their own team.

I seriously pray to God that Anil plays the next match and takes enough wickets to make the media people eat their words!!!

From the first test it is evident that the Aussie attack fully fit isn’t going to dismiss the Indian batsmen easily. Time for Kumble to come into his own in Mohali. If he is fit and if he plays the champion that he is will surely give his best for the country.

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