Friday, October 10, 2008

Aussie Tour Diary 7th October 2008

Two days to go and the wait is getting more and more difficult. The news channels are playing the revenge story time and again to remind the cricketers what happened in Sydney.

The statements are flying everywhere, Sehwag predicting a 3-0 or 3-1, Hayden saying Harbhajan’s prescense inspires him to play better, he even said that Bhajji is a very good bowler and scoring against him is a challenge. Nice to see that coming from the guy who used the word obnoxious little weed for Harbhajan. Than you have Harbhajan who says he is looking to take Pontings wicket, and also claims that we are the favourites.

Just a small advise to Bhajji, please just leave the talking to the ball. You can talk whatever you want once you have the series in the bag. For the moment just concerntrate on the game. One of the biggest problems when India plays in India is the media these days. So many news channels and all want something or the other that is exclusive and there is so much distraction here. Invariably in the last two or three years we are actually playing better away from home where the team is together a lot more and also the fact that they have lesser media commitments when touring as compared to when they play in India. A simple pact needs to be made within the team, no one will speak to the media during the test match, only one guy goes to the press conference. Also that no one will be doing any private things during the matches. I presume there are such pacts already but they need to practiced strictly.

The players themselves know that once they win the series they will have their fair share of accolades and their fair share of rewards and will be even more sought after by the media et all.

Guys the time has come, this is what all cricketers want to do, the world champion test team is here and its our chance for glory. Its our chance to beat them 4-0 I again reiterate if we play to our potential it is not at all impossible. Come on India its time !!

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