Friday, October 10, 2008

Aussies in India October 9

The drama ends and the actual cricket starts, at the end of day one the match probably hangs in the balance still with no side at any clear advantage. The most Important thing for Australia and Ponting was the fact that the skipper got his first century on Indian soil in test matches. So early in the series the pressure is off the Aussie skipper. Agree one innings doesn’t make the whole series but he will now be a lot more relaxed.

On a day one pitch when you lose the toss and have to bowl you hope for your new ball bowlers to make it count. Zaheer did just that with Hayden out in the first over although it seemed he didn’t nick the delivery. Ishant kept the pressure up at the other end but there wasn’t much on offer from the track. For a few overs it was almost a sequel to his spell in Perth where he troubled Ponting so much. But Ponting got through it.

At 254/4 Australia would be satisfied, India must be hoping that if tomorrow morning they can get a couple of wickets easily they might still bowl out Australia below 350. Than hope to bat well.

The most intriguing thing through out the day was the very evident fact that Australian batsmen were ready to fight, they put a price on their wicket. They were patient and not playing with the usual run rate they normally do. In a way it has also ensured that the Indians were in the game at the end of play. 350/4 would have been a lot more in favour of Australians. Credit to the Indian bowlers too although largely good batting conditions they haven’t bowled lots of loose deliveries and kept the pressure on.

To expect spinners to run through the opposition on the first day of the test match is probably asking too much, however Kumble and Harbhajan have done that in the past. Still 4 days to go and everything to play for. However tomorrows morning session will hold the key.

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